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Facility Inspection Programs

Swimming Pool TesterSchools, Public Swimming Pools, Hotels & Other Inspections

The Health Department inspects Schools, Youth Camps, Hotels and Motels, Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks, Public Swimming Pools and Beaches, Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios and Septic Tank Service Companies.

Area Schools are inspected twice per year for compliance with the Kentucky School Sanitation Regulation. Youth Camps (both overnight and day camps) are inspected twice a year for safety and sanitation. All Hotels and Motels are required to maintain a permit from the Health Department and are inspected at least once per year for compliance with the Kentucky Hotel/Motel Regulation. Mobile Home and RV Parks are permitted and inspected annually by the Health Department for compliance with state health and safety laws.

The Green River District Health Department protects the health and safety of swimmers by inspecting Public Swimming Pools and Beaches. Each pool is checked at least twice per year for proper water quality and general safety requirements. Public Beaches are also sampled for bacteriological quality on a monthly basis. During the last year the Green River District Health Department conducted around 500 inspections of Public Swimming areas.

Kentucky Environmental Management Branch 

Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Inspection Program

2022 Pool Regulations Updates

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