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Food Inspection Program

FoodInspectionsPictureThe Health Department protects the community from food borne illness by conducting Food Safety Inspections. All restaurants and grocery stores are required to maintain a permit through the Green River District Health Department. Surprise inspections are conducted at least twice a year on each facility.

Health Department environmentalists also inspect temporary food vendors that sell food at fairs and festivals. Temporary food permits are issued from the health center in the county the event is to be held. If you are a food vendor or an event organizer, please contact your local health center at least two weeks prior to your event.

Quick Links:
Kentucky Department of Public Health Food Service Information
Restaurant Inspection Scores and Grades

Information on updates and changes to Kentucky’s Food Code effective July 1, 2019

Kentucky Retail Food Code & Operating Guidelines

Kentucky’s Food Code adopts by reference the FDA 2013 model food code but makes a limited number of insertions and modifications. It is important for managers and business owners to familiarize themselves with both the Kentucky regulation and the FDA Food Code. Links to both documents are provided below.

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