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Maternal and Child Health Surveillance

Mother and New Born BabyMaternal and Child Health Care Programs are for core services that are not direct patient care. These programs are designed to assure, educate and establish communication with community partners for the safety of women, infants and children.

The following programs are:

  1. Safe to Sleep for Community Partners: Educate communities and families concerning safe sleep practices to reduce the number of sleep-related infant deaths.
  2. Safe Sleep for Child Care Providers: Work with local child Care Providers through education and demonstration to assure that the most current, evidence-based safe sleep policies and practices are implemented in the child care facility.
  3. Prevention of Abusive Head Trauma: Reduce child abuse and child fatalities by increasing the number of community partners and health care providers who offer education and information to new parent about methods to calm crying infants in order to prevent Abusive Head Trauma.
  4. Cribs for Kids: Reduce infant mortality from unsafe practices, such as bed-sharing or dangerous sleep environments by providing cribs for families in need.
  5. Prenatal Care Tracking: Assure that each woman has attended her first prenatal visit within the first trimester; and, who continue prenatal care throughout the course of the pregnancy.
  6. Fluoride Varnish for Children through the fifth grade: Assure the application of dental varnish services for children through the fifth grade in order to improve the oral health outcomes for children in our communities.
  7. Too Good for Violence: To decrease the number of bullying incidents in schools, in order to support a safer learning environment in school.
  8. 100% Tobacco Free Schools: Assist Boards of Education with the development of implementation of a policy for 100% Tobacco Free Schools within their district.
  9. Affordable Healthcare for Kentucky Maternal and Child health population: to assure and improve the healthcare of women of childbearing ages, pregnant women, infants, and children.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact MCH Coordinator: 270-686-7744.