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Onsite Sewage (Septic Systems)

Septic InspectionThrough the Onsite Sewage Disposal Program, the Green River District Health Department protects the public and prevents groundwater contamination due to leaking septic systems.

The Department also investigates citizen complaints of illegal sewage discharge and failing septic systems. Before a new residence or commercial facility can be built in an area not served by a municipal sewer system, an Environmentalist must conduct a Site Evaluation to determine the suitability of the site for installation of a septic system. During the Site Evaluation, the Environmentalist conducts field analysis of soil texture and structure, identifies restrictive soil horizons, and identifies any other soil properties that may interfere with proper wastewater disposal or lead to groundwater contamination. Once a site has been approved, the health department can issue a permit to a certified contractor for the construction and inspection of the septic system.

Site Evaluations

If you are building a house in an area without municipal sewers or must have a new septic system installed for an existing residence, the first important step is to apply for a site evaluation. You or a representative for you must make the application in person at your county health center. The following information is required at the time you apply:

  • Location map showing how to reach the site.
  • Site drawing showing property lines and dimensions of the lot; location of existing structures; wells, pond, streams, gullies, swamps, etc.; easements, roads, drives, right-of-ways if present. Plats or survey maps may be required in some counties.
  • Some counties require that floor plans or blueprints for the structure to be served by the septic system be reviewed by a health department environmentalist at the time the application is made.
  • Please be prepared to pay the site evaluation fee of $200 when you apply. Checks may be made payable to “GRDHD”.

In most counties environmentalists’ offices hours are 8:00a.m. to 9:30a.m. Monday to Friday.

If you would like more information about permits or proper installation refer to the documents below. You will need Adobe© Acrobat Reader© installed to view.

Onsite Septic System Installer Certification Opportunities:

Major Changes to Regulations–2022 FINAL



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