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Regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Nurse in HospitalRegion 3 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

The Region 3 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition is a network of local agencies that are committed to improving the health, safety and preparedness of citizens living in the Green River District. The Green River District covers the counties of Daviess, Henderson, Union, Webster, Ohio, Mclean and Hancock in Kentucky. The partnership includes health & medical, emergency services, long-term care, mental health, communication services and professional agencies interested in strengthening, supporting, and improving preparedness and response capabilities of their local communities in the event of disasters and emergencies.

The mission of the Region 3 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition is to coordinate medical activities, efforts and resources of our healthcare providers. During a crisis event we’ll be prepared to improve the ability of providing emergency medical and emotional care. Treatment of casualties resulting from a natural or manmade disaster, including biological, chemical or radiological incidents that may occur as a result of war or terrorism. Also, to help ensure the continued provision of routine emergency and medical care for the population in general.