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Dental Assistance

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Community Access Project (CAP)

Service: Dental Referrals

We serve our community in multiple ways with access to care services. We can assist people who are experiencing tooth pain, by referring to a donated dental provider; or sending a referral to a dentist for one tooth extraction.

We offer the following dental services:

  • Help patients sign up for Medicaid or insurance that could assist with health insurance coverage for their dental problem.
  • Help patients identify dental providers that will take Medicaid and other dental insurance plans.

You may call any of the following counties for assistance:

Daviess County Community Access Project (DC-CAP)
Located inside: Daviess County Community Health Center
1600 Breckenridge Street, Owensboro, KY 42303
Counties Served: Daviess County

Henderson County Community Access Project (HC-CAP)
Located inside: Henderson County Health Dept.
472 Klutey Park Plaza Drive, Henderson, KY 42420

Union County Community Access Project (UC-CAP)
Located inside: Union County Health Dept.
218 W McElroy Street, Morganfield, KY 42437
270-389-1230 Option 5