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EPSDTss (Special Services)

 EPSDT special services (EPSDTss) can provide Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy.

Potential Eligibility Criteria: Some reasons that a child or young adult may qualify for services are Developmental Delay: If the child is not reaching age appropriate development in one or more skill areas such as cognition, communication, physical or fine motor skills, or self-help skills and has a diagnosis supporting need for therapy.

EPSDT Special Services operates under the direction of Home Health.

Referrals can be made by anyone, but determination of qualification, need, and provider availability must be established by EPSDTss Coordinators prior to establishing services.

OPTION 1: If you feel that your child may qualify for these services, please contact us.
We understand that obtaining services can be complicated and paperwork can be frustrating. We will be happy to talk to you and help you work through the process of determining eligibility and getting things started. If your child does not qualify for this program, we might be able to point you to other resources for help.

OPTION 2: EPSDT special services  will be provided based on collaboration with child’s physician in determining qualifying diagnosis and medical necessity, availability of therapist in your area, evaluation of needs by therapist, and authorization by Medicaid or MCO. No visits will be made without appropriate authorizations in place.

Contact Information
For more information on this program, please call: 270-686-8123. Or toll free 1-800-928-7123 and ask to speak to an EPSDTss Nurse.
More Information / Requests 

To Complete a referral form please  click on the EPSDTss logo