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Medicaid and Insurance Assistance

Community Access Project (CAP)

Service: Medicaid and Insurance Assistance

We serve our community in multiple ways with access to care services. One way is that help people sign up for Qualified Health Plan (Insurance) and/or Medicaid. Many people qualify for Medicaid or insurance assistance and do not know it. There is no charge to apply.

Facts to Consider:

  • Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act, if you do not have insurance or Medicaid you may face a tax penalty. This tax penalty is for each person in your household.
  • The number one reason cited for bankruptcy is medical debt. CAP strives to help our clients with understanding his/her options for Qualified Health Plans and Medicaid, to avoid a future problem with medical debt.
  • Sometimes people do not apply because of advice from a friend or neighbor. Everyone’s case is fact dependent. It is free to apply and understand what your individual options may be.
  • Often people delay applying because they feel that it may take a long time. The fact is that it can take as little as 30 minutes to apply. We also pride ourselves in short appointment wait times.

You may call any of the following counties for assistance:

Daviess County Community Access Project (DC-CAP)
Located inside: Daviess County Community Health Center
1600 Breckenridge Street, Owensboro, KY 42303
Counties Served: Daviess County

Henderson County Community Access Project (HC-CAP)
Located inside: Henderson County Health Dept.
472 Klutey Park Plaza Drive, Henderson, KY 42420

Ohio County Community Access Project (OC-CAP)
Located inside: Ohio County Health Dept.
1336 Clay Street , Hartford, KY 42347
270-298-3663 Option 3

Union County Community Access Project (UC-CAP)
Located inside: Union County Health Dept.
218 W McElroy Street, Morganfield, KY 42437
270-389-1230 Option 5

Webster County Community Access Project (WC-CAP)
Located inside: Webster County Health Dept.
80 Clayton Ave, Dixon, KY 42409