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Prescription Assistance

Prescription AssistanceCommunity Access Project (CAP)

Services: Prescription Assistance Services

We serve our communities access to care needs in multiple ways. One way we assist is to help obtain medications through pharmaceutical companies programs. At no charge, they have over 5200 medications available to the patient for up to one year. CAP offers a case manager to assist with paperwork and communication with medical provider to gain access to medications.

Many people utilize prescription assistance for long term medications. Many people with the diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, cancer, asthma and other chronic conditions seek help from CAP.

Each pharmaceutical company has their own guidelines in order to be approved; such as proof of income, a valid prescription and other routine documents.

You may call any of the following counties for assistance:

Daviess County Community Access Project (DC-CAP)
Located inside: Daviess County Community Health Center
1600 Breckenridge Street
Owensboro, KY 42303

Henderson County Community Access Project (HC-CAP)
Located inside: Henderson County Health Dept.
472 Klutey Park Plaza Drive, Henderson, KY 42420

Ohio County Community Access Project (OC-CAP)
Located inside: Ohio County Health Dept.
1336 Clay Street, Hartford, KY 42347
270-298-3663 Option 3

Union County Community Access Project (UC-CAP)
Located inside: Union County Health Dept.
218 W McElroy Street Morganfield, KY 42437
270-389-1230 Option 5

Webster County Community Access Project WC-CAP
Located inside: Webster County Health Dept.
80 Clayton Ave, Dixon, KY 42409