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Tuberculosis Control

Man coughingTuberculosis (TB) is a communicable, reportable disease that can put the health of the public at risk. The law requires that it be reported to the local Health Department. The Green River District Health Department takes all TB suspects, cases and latent infection very seriously.

Persons with positive PPD skin tests will receive a chest X-ray to rule out active disease. They will be evaluated by a physician trained in TB to determine if they are candidates for treatment with Isoniazid. Treating latent TB infection early will prevent the person from getting active TB later in life. People with positive skin tests and latent infection cannot make anyone sick. They do not have active Tuberculosis.

Persons who have symptoms of active TB and preliminary tests suspicious of TB (TB Suspects) will be treated as if they are infectious until final confirmation is obtained. No chances are taken when there is a possibility that someone in our community may have an airborne communicable disease like TB.

Law mandates identification and case management of persons with active TB disease. Directly observed therapy (taking anti TB drugs) for confirmed cases provide the public with peace of mind and keeps the community safe from this and other communicable diseases. People who have active TB and are infectious to others must cooperate with health department protocol. Refusal to cooperate with treatment could result in incarceration in prison or jail.

Your Health Department provides medicine for both TB disease and latent TB infection; fees may apply.
Populations at risk for TB are screened. Contact investigations, surveillance and education are done on an ongoing basis.

Our goal is to identify and treat cases and their contacts early thereby preventing communicable disease outbreaks of any kind.

Contact Information

For more information on Tuberculosis or to arrange an in-service, please contact the TB Program Manager at the Green River District Health Department office at 1501 Breckenridge Street, Owensboro KY 42301. Phone: (270) 686-7747